Jacob’s Lake Inn, Cococino County, AZ

Heading from the Grand Canyon up to Bryce Canyon in Utah.  On the way we found a wonderful little place to have lunch up in the northern mountains of Arizona.  There was a nice fountain in the garden by the window and as we were eating I saw several colorful birds fly by.  Turns out there were some nice life birds waiting for me!

Navajo Bridge, AZ

Started to head North into Utah and passed over Navajo Bridge.  Good place to find California Condors and picked up a Rock Wren lifer.

Grand Canyon, AZ

Some more pictures from my stay at the Grand Canyon.

Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon, AZ

My daughter and I had a early morning hike down the Bright Angel Trail.  We went down about 1.5 miles before turning around.  Found many life birds on this hike!

Thunderbird Lodge, Grand Canyon, AZ

Drove to the lodge on the rim of the Grand Canyon and caught a few photos of local animals before it got dark.

Desert View, Grand Canyon, AZ

Quick stop for a look from the tower – not so many birds here!

Mather Point, Grand Canyon, AZ

First day at the Grand Canyon!  Last time I was here was 1989.  Very excited.

Verde Canyon Railroad, Clarkdale, AZ

The family took a ride up Verde Canyon on the railroad.  Beautiful views and first time experiencing the Phainopepla.

Red Rocks State Park, Sedona, AZ

Family outing at this nice state park resulted in 7 more life birds!

Midgley Bridge, Sedona, AZ

First morning in AZ I went on a hike around Midgley Bridge near Sedona, AZ.  Beautiful morning and found a few life birds near the creek.