Michael Fulbright's Birding Blog

Michael Fulbright's Birding Blog

Maumee State Park OH 5/16/2016

Created: 2016/05/16

Magee Marsh OH 5/16/2016

Created: 2016/05/16

Magee Marsh OH 5/15/2016

Created: 2016/05/15

Magee Marsh OH 5/14/2016

Created: 2016/05/14

Magee Marsh Ohio 05/13/2016

Created: 2016/05/13

Symphony Lake

Created: 2015/03/17

Caught some Ruddy Ducks before they leave and a Brown-headed Nuthatch preparing a hole in a tree.

OBX Birding

Created: 2015/02/14

Went out to the North Carolina Outer Banks for some late winter birding. It was very cold with a wind chill around 10F! Seemed to keep the birds in hiding most the day but we had fun. Saw my first SEAL on the NC coast - did not realize they come here.

Grand Canyon, AZ

Created: 2014/06/22

Some more pictures from my stay at the Grand Canyon.

Navajo Bridge, AZ

Created: 2014/06/22

Started to head North into Utah and passed over Navajo Bridge. Good place to find California Condors and picked up a Rock Wren lifer.

Jacob's Lake Inn, Cococino County, AZ

Created: 2014/06/22

Heading from the Grand Canyon up to Bryce Canyon in Utah. On the way we found a wonderful little place to have lunch up in the northern mountains of Arizona. There was a nice fountain in the garden by the window and as we were eating I saw several colorful birds fly by. Turns out there were some nice life birds waiting for me!

Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon, AZ

Created: 2014/06/21

My daughter and I had a early morning hike down the Bright Angel Trail. We went down about 1.5 miles before turning around. Found many life birds on this hike!

Mather Point, Grand Canyon, AZ

Created: 2014/06/20

First day at the Grand Canyon! Last time I was here was 1989. Very excited.

Desert View, Grand Canyon, AZ

Created: 2014/06/20

Quick stop for a look from the tower - not so many birds here!

Thunderbird Lodge, Grand Canyon, AZ

Created: 2014/06/20

Drove to the lodge on the rim of the Grand Canyon and caught a few photos of local animals before it got dark.

Verde Canyon Railroad, Clarkdale, AZ

Created: 2014/06/19

The family took a ride up Verde Canyon on the railroad. Beautiful views and first time experiencing the Phainopepla.

Midgley Bridge, Sedona, AZ

Created: 2014/06/18

First morning in AZ I went on a hike around Midgley Bridge near Sedona, AZ. Beautiful morning and found a few life birds near the creek.

Red Rocks State Park, Sedona, AZ

Created: 2014/06/18

Family outing at this nice state park resulted in 7 more life birds!

Mason Farm

Created: 2014/05/02

South Carolina Spring Birding

Created: 2014/04/30

The last few years I have gone to the Santee Birding Festival in the Spring. It is a great event and this year in addition to the trips offered by the Festival I also did some personal trips to further explore the Charleston area. Day 1: Huntington Beach State Park Day 2: Francis Marion National Forest Day 2: Pitt Street Causeway, Charleston, SC Day 3: Bear Island WMA Day 3: Donnelley WMA Day 4: Caw Caw Interpretive Center Day 5: Francis Beidler Forest Day 5: Pitt Street Causeway, Charleston, SC

Mason Farm And Morrow Mountain

Created: 2014/04/14

Mason Farm

Created: 2014/04/05

Red-necked Grebe At Lake Crabtree

Created: 2014/03/08

2013 Santee Birding Festival

Created: 2013/04/30

This past weekend I went to the 2013 Santee Birding Festival for the 3rd year in a row. It is a wonderful event which I would heartily recommend. This year I went to the following locations for the first time: I picked up several life birds on this trip, including:

Yates Mill

Created: 2013/04/21

Beautiful Spring Day at Yates Mill...

Mason Farm

Created: 2013/04/21

Got a later start than I normally do but still had a great time.

Oregon Birding

Created: 2013/04/02

Just spent a few days in Clackamas County, Oregon attending a wedding. Spent a good part of a day birding at Milo McIver State Park and Feyrer Park near Molalla, OR.

Wilmington Area Birding

Created: 2013/01/06

Went with friends to check out the birds in the Wilmington area. Ended up with a few life birds and had a great time.

Prairie Ridge

Created: 2012/12/27

Nice morning trip to the Prairie Ridge Ecostation. Didn't see the White-crowned Sparrow again but caught some other common birds up close.

Yates Mill

Created: 2012/11/24

Quick trip to Yates Mill Today - saw a gorgeous Goldfinch.

Prairie Ridge Ecostation

Created: 2012/11/24

I hadn't been to the Prairie Ridge Ecostation for awhile and good thing I went - I got another life bird - the White-crowned Sparrow!

River North Park, Greenville, NC

Created: 2012/11/11

Went to River North Park in Greenville for the first time. I got some really nice looks at a immature Black-crowned Night Heron and also a thrush - not sure which type!

Jordan Lake

Created: 2012/10/21

A quiet morning at Ebeneezer Point at Jordan Lake. Few migrants but it was nice to hear the Kinglets are back as well as the Red-headed nuthatches. A Brown-headed nuthatch posed nicely and I got these photos.

Jordan Lake

Created: 2012/10/07

Went to Ebenezer Point at Jordan Lake and found a nice variety of warblers. Also saw several Bald Eagles!

Mason Farm

Created: 2012/09/15

Lake Crabtree

Created: 2012/09/09

We had a big rainfall overnight and expected possible a possible fallout this morning. I went to Lake Crabtree and honestly I didn't see as much as usual. I did find this Prairie Warbler that got close enough for some nice pictures.

Monopod Practice

Created: 2012/09/09

I've been reading up on proper monopod technique so I can get better images with my Canon 400mm f/5.6 lens. This is a reasonably sharp lens but it has no image stabilization. I had a helpful Northern Mockingbird today in the backyard to help in my practice.

Old Gems

Created: 2012/09/08

I was looking through my old photos (I have a huge backlog I haven't processed) and found some life birds from a trip to Arizona in 2008.

Mt. Pisgah

Created: 2012/09/06

Spent the morning of June 30th, 2012 in the Mt. Pisgah area in the North Carolina mountains. Heard several Veery and Winter Wren singing for the first time - very cool!

Jackson Park

Created: 2012/09/04

Over Labor Day my family rented a cabin in Henderonville, NC. This area has a well known birding hotspot called Jackon Park. In particular, it is a prime spot to catch migratory birds such as warblers. Here are some photos from my trip...

Hoopers Lane

Created: 2012/09/04

Went to the Hendersonville, NC area for Labor Day. I heard about a turf farm on Hooper Lane which had some nice birds recently. I managed to get 2 lifers - a Northern Harrier and a Buff-breasted Sandpiper.

Bond Lake

Created: 2012/08/19

My daughter and I went for a hike around Bond Lake this morning. It had been quite awhile since we'd been able to do this. The weather was nice and cool and we were lucky to see a variety of animals. Our favorite find of the day was a Ruby-throated Hummingbird nest with a female sitting in it. Hopefully that means soon there will be some young hummingbirds!

Mason Farm

Created: 2012/05/05

Spent a morning at Mason Farms in Chapel Hill, NC birding. Plenty of warblers and some other interesting finds.

Howell Woods

Created: 2012/04/14

Today I went to Howell Woods with a group of birders. We were hoping to experience a variety of vireos and warblers and were not disappointed. My friend Eddie kept a tally and we ended up with 52 species total. Among the species we saw were: All total we birded for about 6 hours and it was a wonderful day.